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Tried, Tested and Trusted

Shawarma King opened its doors in August, 2007 as a part of its parent brand, Tijays foods and beverages Ltd. With less than a handful of Shawarma spots in Abuja, our brand was created to fill the void of premium quality and convenience.

Recruiting some of the best experienced staff, Shawarma King has gone on to become the leading Shawarma Provider in Abuja, staying true to its brand over the years and taking its oath to quality and service seriously without concession.

With 10 years of uncompromising service under its belt, Shawarma King has re-dedicated its commitment to its brand of convenience and excellence by launching newer products and ways to reach and satisfy its customers.

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Our people, the Kingly tribe, consist of highly skilled, efficient and courteous individual and are part of what makes Shawarma King truly special.

With more than 50% of the work force being with the business since inception, our people have long since stopped being just employees but stakeholders committed to the process of its growth and success.

Our identity is built on the understanding that everyone is essential to the whole and every opinion matters. It is this same relationship that the kingly tribe extends to all its customers who walk in through its doors or places an order through its communication systems.

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Think Shawarma KING, Think Premium Quality & Convenience!

At Shawarma King, we understand that the pressure of everyday responsibilities usually mean that we have little or no time to grab a meal, let alone a good meal, which is why we offer you Shawarma King as a fast, convenient and premium quality meal option.

Shawarma King serves the best-quality Shawarma using superior ingredients that leave you with an experience filled with good memories.

So whether, you want a quick lunch at work, a treat for you, friends, family or the kids, we are here to provide you with quick and delightful options that appeal to different tastes and requirements.

To establish ourselves as the leading provider of premium quality fast-food in Nigeria

Dedicated to providing Fast and Convenient Premium Quality Shawarma that satisfies cravings

Core Values
Quality: We will never compromise on the value of our food and services.
Excellence: We are passionate about what we do. We continuously evaluate and improve ourselves to ensure that we stand out of the pack.
Integrity: We stand by our word and promises
Respect: We treat everyone with courtesy, politeness and kindness
Service: We nurture relationships through excellent personalised service

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We take our title as the KING seriously as it is our goal to continuously stand out of the pack as the leading Shawarma provider.

So there are some few reasons why you should choose Shawarma King…

Superior Food Quality: Shawarma King maintains its premium quality by ensuring that it consistently uses superior ingredients for its products. Whatever the economy situation is, we would never compromise on our standard.

Varieties: We understand that as people are different, so also are tastes different. Therefore, we offer our Shawarma in different sizes and different fillings to appeal to different tastes.

Price: Shawarma King ensures that it maintains affordable prices that encourages patronage and extends the experience to everyone.

Accessibility: Our restaurant is strategically positioned at the heart of the city for easy accessibility to our customers. We also offer delivery to those who place their orders via our telephone or website services.

Service: We understand the importance of seamless service and relationships to our business; hence, we ensure that every order is accompanied with efficient and courteous customer service.


Dear Esteemed Customer, all home and office deliveries of our products ends by 7pm daily. Thank you for your continued patronage