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How May We Help?

We have here to provide you with any assistance you may need with regards to Shawarma King, as such, have taken the time to put together answers to our commonly asked questions.

Please have a look and see if we answer your question, otherwise, feel free to call us or visit our contact us page to send us a note.

We are always happy to hear from our customers.


Do you do deliveries?

Yes we do. You can order online on our website (See Menu) or call us on 08057132603 or 08036363269 to place an order.

How long does a delivery take?

Our delivery time is fluid, depending on how many orders we have in line and the distance you are from us. However, you will be advised on expected time of delivery when order is placed.

How many Shawarma varieties do you have?

Shawarma King comes in four major groups – Chicken Shawarma, Beef Shawarma, Sausage Shawarma and Grilled Vegetable Wraps. However, these four options come in different sizes and with different fillings.

Can I have my shawarma without cheese?

Yes you can. Our menu system allows you specify if you want cheese or not

Can I have my shawarma without pepper?

Yes you can. Our menu system allows you specify if you want pepper or not.

Can I make a bulk order?

Yes you can, but please be advised that bulk orders should be made in advance to allow room for preparation and delivery.

Where is your restaurant located?

We are located at 56 Gana Street, Maitama, Abuja (Beside Access Bank)

Do you have a low-calorie option?

Yes we do. Our Grilled Vegetable Wrap was created for those who want a low-calorie option.

How do I pay for my order?

You can pay for your order via online transfer or cash on delivery.

What is the quickest means to get in touch with you?

For the fastest response, please call us on 08057132603. However, you can also send us a note via our contact us page or a direct message on our social media pages and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Can I order a drink alongside my Shawarma?

Presently, we do not offer drinks alongside your food but we will be sure to update you as soon as this is added on the menu.

Is Shawarma the only product on the menu?

No. We also offer Chicken and Chips or Just Chips.

I would like to commend a staff for an excellent service

We are delighted that you are pleased with our services. Staff commendations are taken into consideration for Staff of the Month awards so please write us a note via our contact us page so the staff can be duly rewarded.

I received a bad service from you, what do I do?

We sincerely apologise that we failed you with our services and we take your complaint with the utmost urgency. Please call us or leave us a note via our contact us page


Dear Esteemed Customer, all home and office deliveries of our products ends by 7pm daily. Thank you for your continued patronage